Saturday, August 13, 2011

The week: Ups and Downs

Just a quick post:  So this week was a mixed bag for working out.  A couple of good times on the bike, but only one core workout.  Didn't track calories, so we'll see how that goes.  Weigh-in tomorrow (which won't be posted here).

Promise to try to keep this updated.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's been a long time (c) Rakim

Well, its been a while since I last posted to this blog.  I'll post a quick update of my workout yesterday:

I got on my upright bike next to the sliding door.  I warmed up a little bit, being ever so careful to not work too hard right away.  Normally I just get on the bike, go up to 10 (which should be 11), and pedal.  But this time, I warmed up.  After I finished, I bumped up my resistance to ten.

I should mention I also set my timer for some intervals.  I set it for 1 minute "rounds" with 1 minute of "rest".  I read on some wikipedia article about a different take on Tabatas where you do 1 minute of work with 1 minute of rest for four rounds.  I'm still tweaking with finding what works best for me (clearly).  Anyways, I set my timer, got my Ipod back to playing The Best of DMX, and pedaled to "Where the Hood At"

First round went well, I do max effort at max resistance, and for me max effort on the bike at that level is usually around 32-34mph (as listed on my display, not saying I actually go that fast).

By round three I was almost dead.  I felt my fat man heart pounding, and at one point thought I'd die in an even more embarrassing way than crushing my girlfriend while in bed.  Yes, to me having a fat man heart attack, collapsing to either side of my bike and dying while listening to the White Man's Guilty Pleasure (DMX), is a tad more embarrassing.  Oh, I should mention I was squeezed into a white Old Navy California tank top showcasing my pasty white arms.

By round 4 I kind of gave up towards the last 20 seconds.  My speed went down to 23mph.  I honestly didn't feel I couldn't pedal faster, but, y'know...maybe trying to instead of guessing it would be a good idea to not be such a fatty.

Afterwards I had a turkey sandwich, which made me happy.  No chocolate milk this time.  But the sandwich tasted rather, well, tasty.

That was my workout.  Every other day I plan to bike, and on the other days I plan to do a core workout.  I will, though, rest on Sundays.  I won't go to church though.  Instead I'll worship at the Church of Fat, being Fat and a Fatty.  I figure I get to do that one day a week.  Because I'm special like that.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Tough workout (3-7-2011)

Today was a tough workout for me.  I mean, all are tough, but this one I had no clue how difficult it would be to even get what I got (insert English language critique here).

The workout looked like this:
Burpees x 30 seconds
Jumping Jacks x 30 seconds
Split Jumps (Lunge w/ a jump) x 30 seconds
Burpees x 30 seconds
Jumping Jacks x 30 seconds
Mountain Climbers x 30 seconds
Rest x 30 seconds

My goal was for 3 circuits of this.  I got two.  And even then I took small breaks (max 5 seconds) during almost every exercise midway through the first circuit.

My legs were killing me after the first set of jumping jacks.  Split jumps were awful in terms of depth of lunge, jump height -- in general the form was just awful.

My heart rate was definitely jacked up, but I didn't record it.  From the way it felt I'd say between 180-190 bpm.  Maybe more, but at least 180 (this is of course a rough estimate of my normally already rough estimates).

Oddly enough, as hinted at earlier, it was leg fatigue that did me in on this exerice.  My heart rate felt good but like it could go higher (especially on the first circuit).  But the legs just wouldn't do what I told them to.

All in all, the workout kicked my butt and this will serve as a base reading.  Only way to go is up on this one, so thats what I intend on doing.

Weigh-In (3-6-2011)

Didn't get a chance to post this yesterday (Sunday, 3-6-2011) but here is my weight...

247 pounds

I weighed in as soon as I woke up (around 10:30).  I'm not sure what my usual wake up time is on a Sunday since I just get out whenever I want on the weekends.  What I'll do instead of a specific time that I have to weigh in is I'll just do it right when I wake up on Sunday mornings.

Goal for the week: Lose 5 pounds

I decided to set goals high since you tend to get better results if you aim high.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rant about Fat "Discrimination"

I was watching this video on CNN's website a few days back and something Kevin Smith said still bugs me.  The video is basically Kevin Smith reflecting on being kicked off a Southwest flight for being too fat.  He feels it was for other reasons but whatever.  The point eventually turns to talking about fat people and how we're the last thing to make fun of/"discriminate" against and have it be ok.

As anyone who knows me is aware, I make fat jokes...a lot.  I laugh at myself maybe more than any fat person I know.  Am I self-conscious?  Sure.  Does it mask insecurities?  I suppose -- hell, I'm typing this on a "I'm so fat I need to start a blog to document weight loss" blog.  So clearly I'm not someone who thinks "Yeah, being fat is awesome and I love myself as a fatty."

I feel this post will turn into some really long post if I just don't get to the point.  So my few points are these:

  1. Fatties, we're not discriminated against.  So save your yelling.  It burns too many calories and thus requires way too much effort to be a justified response.
  2. Learn to just deal with people staring.  It happens.  I have my tough moments of the past from what people have said/done that I don't share with anyone.  It sucks.  Whatever, deal with it.  Or don't.  But don't expect people to bend to your will just because you're different and therefore you feel everybody should treat you special.  Expect simple respect when people talk to you but nothing more.
  3. Being fat is a choice.  I say this as a fat person who has failed many times at being less of a fatty.  But its a choice of if you're really committed.  We have to work harder than someone just staying in shape -- which is difficult.  But it has to be done to lose weight.
This is probably all over the place and incomplete.  Its late as I write this but I hate doing multiple drafts of anything.  I think this needs to be on the record though, because I want it to be known I hate fat people who complain all the time about not being treated like everyone else.  If it really bothers you, start a club.  There are dozens popping up all over.  Including this fatty meeting caught on video.

That is all.

Burpee Intervals (3/5/2011)

Today was a burpee interval day.  Here is a brief rundown of what the exercise looks like:

30 seconds Burpees
30 seconds shadow boxing (power punching)
30 seconds Burpees
30 seconds shadow boxing (power punching)
1 min rest
(Repeated 4 times, totaling 12 minutes).

Using the unscientific method of counting beats while timing for 6 seconds (then multiplying by 10) my heart rate was topped out around 190-200 beats per minute.

I noticed my 3rd "round" of this was the toughest round, where normally that is the 4th/last round for me.  Also, my punches dropped considerably in speed/power by the end of the workout (more than normal).

I did manage to push through some right hip pain in the 3rd round and it went away in the 4th round.

All in all, a pretty good workout today.  Sweated my butt off.

Note: Will weigh myself whenever I wake up tomorrow.  Sundays will be weigh-in day and it will mostly be around the same time.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

An Introduction

Well, I figure what's a blog without an introduction?

This will probably largely serve as an online journal for a guy who isn't emo enough for LiveJournal (or whatever the title is for people who use LiveJournal...maybe the title is 15 year olds?).

For those of you who don't know, HIIT A Fat Guy as a title is what people sometime refer to as "wordplay."  HIIT actually means High Intensity Interval Training.  I've messed with it for a while, and since it kicks my butt as a workout method I've decided to use it exclusively to burn all of this excess fat.  Once I get to a weight I like I'll go back to using free weights/strength training as part of my methods.  For now I've found I can at least do this at home and at a gym, where strength training requires me to go to the gym so...yeah.

HIIT, for anyone who doesn't know, uses intervals of intense exercise followed by short periods of active rest.  In my unscientific tests of using a stopwatch and my fingers to neck, my max heart rate was about 190-200 bpm.  I plan on getting a heart rate monitor of some sort to track this more precisely, but for now I'll just track my heart rate by unscientific methods.

I'm going to officially weigh myself at a time where I know I can check in at the same time every time.  I've noticed lately though my weight is at its highest its ever been, and as much as I'd like to think I "ate my way through to the other side" since my pants are a little loser I know its just because they hang lower.  And the dryer doesn't shrink them THAT much.

I don't expect non-friends to read this (and not even most friends) but occasionally I'll post a picture just for update purposes.

Workout Plan
As for a plan it goes like this: I'll either choose a workout based off of what I want right then or pick from a set of index cards.  I'm using variations of Ross Enamait's Infinite Intensity workouts as well as Bas Rutten's All Around Workout from his now tough to find workout series.  I might occassionally also do a Density Day where I try to do as much of a workout as I can within a set of time.  I want this just because I want to use free weights for more than just a Magic 50 (more on that later).  I will also throw in some workouts of my own if I'm at the gym (these will be treadmill or bicycle based).

I'll be working out 5 days per week, and once I get some things settled for time issues I'll do my best to work out at specific times.  My plan is to lose an average of 3-4 pounds per week, but if I just lose 1 or 2 I'll be okay with it.  The point is forward progress and if there's any movement backwards, move forwards after that setback.

Diet/Nutrition Plan
My diet will also be changing a bit.  I'm not doing "no junk food, never."  That's super unrealistic for me.  I'm also not going paleo, gluten-free, atkins, all carbs, vegan, or anything else.  Just unprocessed or minimally processed foods as much as possible.  I'd like to say I'll make a diary of what I eat and count calories but that just isn't realistic for me at this point.

For anyone wondering, my post-workout drink will be milk mixed with Nesquik.  Its pretty good for you and tastes good -- and it doesn't cost a lot to make it or dirty up anything more than a glass.

Other Plans
I'm also going to do my best to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

Plan for the Blog
As for posting schedules, I'll be posting my workout each day and a brief critique of what happened, where I can improve and what went well.  I'll also be posting a weekly weight update.  I'll try to keep all posts except for this one to a minimum in terms of space/word count.

Lastly, I make this pledge now: even when I don't do as well as I think I should have, I'll never end a post without saying I'll do better next time.  Thats not a pledge to not make jokes.  I laugh at myself.  It doesn't bring me down, its just something to make me laugh.

With all of that, let the posting begin...